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So la la Contest 2021 - ONLINE Edition

The So la la Contest 2021 was a very special one. Because due to the measures to contain the pandemic, it took place purely online as a live stream.

We thought back and forth about what was feasible this year, our festival shouldn't be canceled again, the bands shouldn't be put off again. That's why we decided to stream the So la la 2021 on the internet.
The bands were longing to finally be allowed to perform again and the audience was longing for music, culture, events. And if that
  is not possible as a "face-to-face event", the so-la-la comes to your home.

We went live on the broadcast on April 17th, 21st from 6 p.m. and this year we presented you with the finest Acappella.

For the first time there was only one award, namely the audience award , which went to the group " The Knorke " from Berlin .

Everyone involved was very excited.
However, the So la la Festival was not freely available. As usual for such an event, the spectators should purchase real tickets, because the staging is of course also not free of costs.

Good reasons to be there:

- So la la 2021 was like a moderated TV show - you don't want to miss it, do you ?!
- We didn't just bring the usual format online, but turned it into an interactive event. With live chat, questions to the audience, live links to the bands, voting on the audience winner, award ceremony and more ...
- Only ticket holders could also vote on the audience winner.
- So la la ONLINE was NO ECONOMY VERSION of the Solala Festival. We have again set up a large, spectacular stage for the bands with full lighting and sound systems. So we put the bands in the right light.
- You have always been there so far? Then you don't want a gap in your series ?! ;O)
- The artists were delighted to finally be able to present their music again. Support them! We offered the opportunity to support the bands financially during the performance with a "donation button".
- Experience a bit of culture LIVE in these crazy times!

Why not on the original Solala date 10.4.21?
On that day the bands came to us to make their recordings. These were then processed by us (uncut of course, so that every appearance remains authentic) and presented to you live on April 17th, 21, where the ticket holders chose the new audience winner "The Knorke".

The bands

A total of five a cappella bands performed on the evening of the contest, all of whom feel at home in the genres of pop / rock cover, comedy, barbershop or jazz. Among them were four "Acappella Stars of Tomorrow" who face the competition as well as the audience winners of the previous year as special guests.


The groups each offered the best of their repertoire for 25-30 minutes, so that the audience could enjoy a total of five great a cappella shows in one evening.

Line-up 2021
The following groups took part in the contest:




Audience and jury winner 2019

Singer: 5

Ambrosia a cappella_Ans Dekkers3_lowres.

Ambrosia a cappella


Singer: 6

OC Headshot neu.jpg


Bielefeld / International

Singer: 4

Pressefoto The Knorke2.JPG

The Knorke


Audience winner 2021

Singer: 6




Singer: 3

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