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So la la Open Air 2021

Our So la la Acapella Festival series will be expanded to include an open air concert! : o) Well, that's how it was planned, because of the bad weather we are moving to the big concert hall in the theater and concert hall. 

On October 3rd, 2021 there will be the first So la la Open Air, which was originally planned in the Walder Stadtpark in Solingen, but now it is INDOOR.

Either way, we're really looking forward to the exciting program.


"Leonora" from Solingen is the musical prelude. Not acappella, but still with a powerful voice, the 20-year-old winner of several young talent competitions presents herself with her own emotional songs from the pop and rock genre.


The program at a glance:

11:00 Leonora

12:00 for you

14:00 The Razzzones


Of course, physical well-being is taken care of on the festival site.

Tickets cost only 10 euros for a one-time triple concert and are available on the theater's website :

This is followed by a special acappella delicacy: we are very happy to welcome the internationally successful vocal group "For You" from Slovakia. There are cover versions of well-known pop songs in the highest quality, which everyone will be carried away by.

The conclusion is made by the beatbox troupe "The Razzzones", known from the So la la Contest 2018, who brought the hall to a boil like hardly any other acappella band at our festival. Rousing rhythms and unbelievable sound imitations with enormous entertainment value. Anyone who does not go along with this is dead.; O)

Line-Up Open Air 2021
The following groups will be present at So la la in Concert: Open Air:

FOR YOU laying.jpg

For you


Singer: 5

The Razzzones


Singer: 4





Leonora @ Facebook

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