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The Knorke

The crazy band “The Knorke” makes cross-genre a cappella music with their own arrangements of sometimes more, sometimes less well-known songs or simply fabricate the songs themselves.

Their program "The Knorke - Jukebox des Grauens" goes from Knorkator, Muse and David Bowie, over the not fitting Tom Waits, Tears for Fears and "Billy-Talent-Folk-Music-Mixes", to "Hey Du" from the musical “Linie 1” and then there is also their own stuff. It's about environmental protection and why zombies are better people.

The performance of the six Berliner Bierkehlchen was also very well received at the renowned a cappella competition There they could win the prize for the most original performance of a song. They were also given the title “trashy a cappella martial arts”.

All in all, they like to make wacky yet technically not entirely undemanding stories, whereby the fun of making music together shouldn't be neglected! After all, they are an “instrumentless chaotic band with an affinity for beer”. And as different as the repertoire is, they are just as different.

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