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Festival series "So la la in Concert"

After surveys at the past So la la Contests we found out: a large majority of the So la la audience would like more acappella events in Solingen.

And since your wish is of course our command, we put it into practice:  

We have made it our business to organize further concerts under the So la la flag.

With this series we want to bring even more demanding vocal music to the city of blades.

We rely on the so la la charm that the audience is used to - even with changing venues. Lars Wierum leads through the show as a moderator, the bands are carried on hands, the selection of bands shows the wide range of acappella music and the technology will inspire.

And anyway, of course: the audience is being offered a first-class concert. :O)

Upcoming events of the festival series

Tickets for all upcoming events in the series are available on the ticket page .

So La La Open Air - 03.10.2021

FOR YOU laying.jpg

For you


Singer: 5

The Razzzones


Singer: 4





Leonora @ Facebook

Solo So La La  - 04.10.2018


Vienna, Austria

Singer: 1

So La La in Concert - December 8th, 2017

Beat Poetry Club


Singer: 5

They are allowed to

Solingen / Cologne

Singer: 4

www.died wü

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