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The contest

The main event of the So La La Festival, the So La La Contest, is primarily intended to be a festival of vocal music in which the  Audience floats in the 7th a cappella heaven. ; o) Six top-class bands and a "best of" from their current programs in just one evening - that stands for variety and a musical journey across all genres.

In order to create an additional incentive for the five participating groups (the winner of the previous year starts out of competition), it is also about the sausage for them.


In the evening itself, it is now particularly important to catch the favor of the audience.

Tickets for the next contest are available  HERE .

The audience price

donated by the company "Güde - die Messer"


Every visitor has the opportunity to vote for their favorite on site during the evening, so the audience chooses the "winner of the hearts".

Wave to the winner:

  • Title "Winner of the So La La Contest  Solingen  - Public award 'Goldene Klinge' "

  • Solala  Trophies - donated by the Güde company:  One high-quality knife (value approx. 300 €) per singer, unique thanks to the "So La La" engraving with the year

  • Appearance at the So La La Contest next year  as headliner (for 1,500 € fixed fee)

  • "Wild Card" for participation in the next "Vocal Champs" Contest  in Sendenhorst, where top-class vocal groups sing for the national title

The Jury Prize (2015 - 2019)

donated by the Stadtsparkasse Solingen

Until 2019, a jury made up of several music experts chose the jury winner of the evening.  This prize was endowed with € 1000.

Since 2020, the prize money has been distributed to all groups appearing in the contest in order to honor the commitment of the bands and to provide a higher expense allowance for everyone.


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