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The festival

Vocal singing is on the rise and the acappella scene has been booming like never before in recent years.

That is why we have established a series of concerts in Solingen that is unique in the region and far beyond. We present the acappella stars of tomorrow today.


At the main event, the " So la la A-cappella Contest ", five carefully selected vocal groups present their best songs to the jury and the audience and show the variety of acappella singing, sometimes poppy, sometimes moving, sometimes funny, sometimes jazzy - but always in perfect harmony.

The contest is rounded off by the respective audience winner from the previous year - so the best entertainment is guaranteed.  

With us you basically choose who you want to see next year. ;O)

Experience six grandiose shows in one evening and choose the best act of the festival as a spectator, who may soon be on everyone's lips.

The selected groups will be published here on the festival homepage and presented as soon as they have been determined.

The So la la Contest takes place in the large concert hall of the Solingen theater and concert hall.

Because of the great interest in acappella music that we experienced through the contest, acappella concerts under the So La La flag take place at irregular intervals.

These events run under " So la la in Concert " and, apart from the competition, also present vocal bands that stand for the best entertainment and a great musical evening. The venue can vary.

All events together form the " So la la Festival ".

And we are happy to have created a brand that stands for high-quality vocal music and ensures sold-out halls full of enthusiastic audiences.

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