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Conditions of participation

The conditions of participation are the general rules of the So La La Contest  and should be read carefully by any interested group . With your application you accept the conditions of participation .
Here you will also find the general conditions as to whether your group fits the concept at all and is therefore eligible for participation (group size, genre, repertoire, ...).
1.) Organizer
The organizer of the So La La Contest is the cultural management of the city of Solingen.  As an official city event, So La La is a non-profit event.
2.) Glossary
We would like to define the vocabulary for the following text:
So La La = the organizers / the event team
Contest = the event
Group = an acappella band interested in participating
Applicant = an acappella band that has applied to participate
Participant = an acappella band selected to participate
3.) Eligibility to participate
Groups of up to 9 members (including solo artists) are eligible to participate.
Each group / each artist, which  meets the criteria described here, is generally eligible to participate.  
From all applications received, a team of experts decides which five groups will participate.  
4.) Music styles / genres
Of the  Contest focuses on acappella music from the popular music genre. In our definition, this includes pop, rock, comedy, jazz, soul and barbershop in German and other languages. At the festival itself, no distinction is made between the different styles.
5.) Instruments and aids / technology
Since the So La La Contest is an acappella event, we would like to emphasize that  NO INSTRUMENTS may be used during the performance of the participants (exception: minimal percussion). Effect devices and loop devices are only allowed if they are used to edit the LIVE voices of the singers.
Professional technology is provided by So La La, wireless handheld microphones and headsets as well as choir microphones are available. It is also possible to bring your own technology (microphones, effects devices, ...) and use it in consultation with the organizer's technicians.
Due to the size of the hall, a performance without microphones, i.e. unplugged, is NOT POSSIBLE.
6.) Application phase
The application starts with the publication of the online application (June / July) and ends on October 31 of the year before the contest. During the application phase, the online application must be completed in full and the announced media must be made available.
Should an applicant be able to foresee in advance that  participation in the contest is no longer possible for him, must  inform the So La La team (by email to
7.) Selection of participants / online voting
Both the quality of the applicants and So La La's claim to put together a varied and entertaining program for viewers with an interesting mix of genres play a role in the selection process.
The selection is made by awarding points by a selection team (acappella singers and fans, organizers, musicians, radio editors) based on the media provided by the applicants. These are to be named in the application form and sent to So La La.  
By email:
By post: So La La Festival, c / o Lars Wierum, Fraunhoferstr. 14a, 42697 Solingen
Via web link: enter in the application form
In addition to the selection made by the selection team, it will be available from the beginning of November of the previous year  an online voting was carried out on the website of the contest All applicants are presented here with their web address, video and / or sound sample. These media must be made available to the organizer by the applicants in the course of the application. Until the end of December, visitors to the website can vote for a band here.
The winner of the online voting takes part in the contest regardless of the selection made by the selection team.
If the winner of the online voting is also among the top 4 of the selection team, the 5th place also takes the selection  participate in the contest.
After the application phase has ended and the participants have been selected, So La La will contact all applicants in January of the year of the event and inform them whether they have been selected as participants.
The participants then undertake to take part in the contest by contract.
If it turns out that participants do not want to or cannot adhere to the conditions of participation described here, So La La reserves the right to choose another applicant.
8.) Services for participants
Each participating group receives the following benefits at So La La:
  • Expense allowance in the amount of 550 €
  • free meals
  • Certificate of participation / title "Silver Blade"
  • Afterglow (chill out after the show with snacks and drinks with the bands, spectators, organizers, etc.)
  • high profile in the regional media (press, radio, possibly TV)
  • Print appearance in the program booklet
  • Band presentation on the festival homepage & link on your website
  • Event space with up to 700  Seats
  • highly professional stage technology (sound and light)
  • Ability to sell CDs and merchandise at the venue
In addition, each participating group has the chance to emerge as the winner of the competition (see below, "Competition").
8.1) Transport & Accommodation
So La La does not pay travel costs and accommodation costs, only the above-mentioned allowance.
We would be happy to arrange hotel accommodation in the City Hotel directly at the venue at the "artist's rate" (€ 63 overnight stay with breakfast). In addition, So La La will work with host families in Solingen, who will equip the artists at home with a place to sleep, food and family connections; o).
The host families are coordinated by So La La and in direct dialogue with the participants.
9.) Appearance / implementation
The contestants appear in the contest between 6:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. The order is random and without evaluation and is determined by So La La, also depending on arrival times, sound check and genre mix at the contest. The participants are not entitled to specific performance times.
A band's performance should include a program of 30 minutes, including all of the band's moderations. Any planned encore must also be played within the 30 minutes.
The sound check will take place in the afternoon from 1:00 p.m. on the day of the event, the presence of the participants is mandatory.
The participants have to stay on site until the award ceremony (approx. 11:00 p.m.), as all the bands come on stage again here.
10.) Competition
The main purpose of the contest is to offer an entertaining vocal music event and to offer the audience a varied evening. As an additional incentive for the participating bands, the performance also becomes a competition entry.  
In the So La La Contest, a winner will be selected from the five participants.
10.1) Public price - donated by the company "Güde - die Messer"
During the course of the evening, all viewers have the opportunity to cast a vote for their favorite band of the evening. The votes will be counted on the same evening and the audience's favorite will be determined. The winner also receives the following benefits:
  • Title "Winner of the audience award / the 'Golden Blade' at the Solala Contest Solingen"
  • So La La trophies: per singer  One high-quality Solingen knife each from Güde (equivalent to approx. 300 €), unique with the engraved lettering "So La La" + year
  • Appearance as headliner at the So La La Contest in the following year for a fixed fee of 1,500 € (additional costs for travel and accommodation will not be reimbursed, a host family will of course be reorganized)
  • Wildcard to participate in the next "Vocal Champs" contest in Sendenhorst
11.) Legal
The BEWE rber and Teilne HMER explained by the application that Sun La La on the rights during the execution and planning has produced audio, video and images, and that filed to apply sound, video and Bildma t erial (exclusive)  may be used for advertising purposes.
The participants will  In return, image and video material created after the contest is made available, which can also be used by the bands.
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