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Audience and jury winner 2019


Make pop music “different” in German - and that without instruments. differently show that modern a cappella singing is more than cover hits imitating instruments or nostalgic songs about a cactus on the balcony. Instead, the people of Freiburg prefer to write their own songs. In a charming way, the five gentlemen take their audience on a musical sightseeing tour through them
Students life. They tell their own stories. And if you hear the five singers, you will quickly have one or two catchy tunes in your head.

Catchy melodies and smart lyrics paired with a wink and honest self-irony, that's the band's credo. It's about friendship, love, heartbreak and all the other things that get on your mind when you are young, love music and have the belief that the best time is ahead of you.
Modern arrangements, extraordinary beatboxing skills and a stage show with sophisticated choreographies complete the picture of the boy group, which actually doesn't want to be one. The formation, which originally came from Heidelberg, has made a name for itself nationally in its 10-year career from local heroes. The band played in the opening act for Revolverheld, old master Heinz Rudolph-Kunze and indie rocker Thees Uhlmann. At the invitation of the Goethe Institute, the band toured France and French-speaking Switzerland for several weeks as ambassadors for a young and lively Germany to mark the anniversary of the Élysée Treaty.  

With their current album “Viel Lärm um dich”, the Freiburg-based company remains true to its principle and presents its own radio-friendly pop music that not only wants to be entertained but also to be taken seriously. 
So the name becomes the program. A cappella music of a new kind
Generation: different.

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