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They are allowed to


A cappella with 100 items!

Who actually said that a cappella always has to be so puristic?

Die Dürfen Das (D³ for short) dare to bring 100 things onto the stage, from fashion accessories to text notes and percussion instruments to the guitar - but without losing the charm of a vocal ensemble.

Why? They are allowed to!


Cairo, Julia, Sven & Lars primarily bring their own compositions to the stage in German. You can tell that they enjoy playing, because the fun of music is what connects them.

And in doing so, bringing the hidden talents of the musicians to light is only logical, so D³ conjure up many a prop to leave an individual lasting impression on each individual song.

The Solingen spectators are also likely to have two of the  Faces seem familiar, because D³ is the unofficial successor band of the a cappella group "Scampi" - and so a few former Scampi hits are brought to the stage in a new look.

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