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two we


Two women, three men and a sense of togetherness that spreads to the audience from the very first minute. With vibrating bass and groovy beats in harmony with sensuality and passion, they take the audience into their world.
Zwo3we manage to give existing pop songs a new note with loving, detailed arrangements and their independent voices. Her  Own compositions tell stories that life writes. They make emotions palpable - a cappella at its best.
The current program of the group from Lower Austria is entitled "To be Queen". Zwo3wir takes its audience on a vocal musical journey into the world of fantasy: to where roses grow in the desert, the lights of life are always green and the bass arias warble. As before, if you love or want to learn to love vocal pop music, you've come to the right place - and can look forward to being treated like a queen. That seldom happens in real life.

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