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Jury winner 2016



YeoMen - that's five Berliners who have been making their own music genre "Extreme Acappella" known for seven years.

The goal is to produce danceable, mouth-made music in a modern sound with an authentically chaotic live show and a lot of energy on and next to the stage. The band became known for their spectacular appearances on the TV show X-Factor, as the opening act for the band "die ärzte" and for their world record in continuous acappella techno singing (6 hours and one minute without a break). The band inspires people of all ages at festivals and in electro clubs as well as on the AIDA cruise ships and in theaters and on cabaret across Europe.


Their own songs like 'BÄM', 'Oben' or 'Give the child a bass drum' reflect the fun and the sympathetic irony of the band on stage. Their videos are cult online, their sound is unique, and the show is spectacular.


YeoMen - a little different, a little crazy, but always artistically polished and full throttle ahead.


Unfortunately, these keywords just barely made it into the press release: nice, breathtaking, sound design, funny, innovative, charming, spinach, loud, penguin, screeching, manager, joke, humor, profound

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