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Audience winner 2017


They don't fit in any drawer.

You don't need a band.

They sing German, dialect and English -

as it suits you.

They stir up the audience.

You are Piccanto.


The seven people from Salzburg started at the Musisches Gymnasium: musically trained and always enthusiastic about singing, they started as an a capella ensemble. And then they really picked up speed. In May 2015 they won the ORF casting show “Die Große Chance der Chöre” and immediately recorded their first album with Sonymusic.


In the same weeks her own program was worked out in order to successfully travel all over Austria with “Seven On Tour” a few months later.

Piccanto now performs both calm and groovy songs and inspires young and old. In addition to numerous appearances, the seven boys even find space to study.


They are seven excellent individual musicians and they arrange their own songs. Together they create their own, unmistakable a cappella sound. So the seven music-loving singers turned into a top-class a cappella band.

Together they go through thick and thin - together they are Piccanto.

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