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everything except boring


Berlin Moabit - Between chalk and Bechstein grand pianos in the music room can be found in the  2005 Naira Hovannesjan, Lena Mendelson, Janica Prühs, Benjamin Willers and  Terrance Wilms together and discover the world of a cappella together  Music.  

A few years and many school and music grades later, some of them spend  for professional reasons, her everyday life still at school, at the computer, in the  Laboratory and at the theater. The love for tea, for music without instruments and for  Travel has remained, and since the noisys are now professionals in the "singing-in-the-car"  are, hear and see them not only in the capital but also in the  

Black Forest, in North Rhine-Westphalia and even in Paris.


The five friends sing in German, English and French and let themselves  taking inspiration from great artists like The Beatles, and Robbie Williams, A  Cappella greats like the Wise Guys and Pentatonix, and classics like Mozart and  Ray Charles. They try every arrangement, in the truest sense of the word  Word to miss their own touch.  


Since 2010 noisy have been inspiring mainly with their own songs, which are different in terms of content  not infrequently with (often frustrating) everyday situations such as empty milk cartons,  dealing with falling in love or getting up on Monday morning. At the annual  

At Christmas concert in 2015 they presented their debut album “To take away” - noisy  to go, so to speak.

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