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mundial - that is Safet Fotiou, Michael Thüne, Benjamin Grabbe and Jan Scheidel. Nothing is jingled, nothing is plucked, everything is unmistakable mouthwork - that is Acappella 2.0 made in Hamburg.


The four boys want to leave their mark - both in the minds of the audience and in the music world. From pop to rap to jazz, everything can be found. With their debut album "Kopfillustrator" in May 2013 they created a piece mundial for eternity. Since the end of 2014, the guys have been hard at work again to put a new stage program on the legs.


With creativity, wit, acting talent, authenticity and other elements that serve good entertainment, they present their self-written and self-arranged songs with their very own touch. The four vocalists also cover well-known pieces from different musical styles from old to new. These include the Comedian Harmonists, the Beatles, Usher, Adele and many more

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