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The ensemble singers


Their instruments are their voices ...


... but - your name doesn't say it all: You won't hear wine songs or mood music. Rather, well-known hits are replaced with their own texts, songs are written and arranged themselves. Probably the “oldest boy group in Hesse” often enough pokes fun at itself, which is why the stage program of the five-man formation is also called “Comedy a-cappella”.


Almost 25 years ago, the ensemble singers - at that time still as a quartet - had their first appearance - by chance. At a meeting of the carnival society "Narrenzunft" Nieder-Weisel they should spontaneously sing "something funny". They didn't have a name when they came on stage, so they were simply announced as "The Bembelsingers". It stayed with this name to this day, only the appearances are by no means random anymore. "You have to be careful that it doesn't get out of hand"  they say, because all five are employed and sing "for the fun of being happy". The group got to know each other through music: their original formation was found in the jubilee association mixed choir "Frohsinn" Nieder-Weisel.


At the beginning of July 2012, the ensemble singers celebrated their greatest success at the German a-cappella federal contest in Sendenhorst: The “Amateurs” category won 5. In the overall ranking of all groups, they took an excellent second place, leaving professional and semi-professional groups behind. "To experience something like this after 25 years is great," says Jörg Welker, bassist and musical director of the formation. In Sendenhorst, too, the focus was on having fun! “We can't help it - we just sing to have fun and to give fun to others,” they say. You can also tell in the program: they sing lively and well-known songs, funny texts, framed by suitable presentations and enriched with one or the other sketch.


The popularity of the ensemble singers has grown steadily in recent years: Performances during the carnival season are part of their annual schedule, along with numerous appearances at birthdays, weddings and private celebrations. Concerts with the motto "vocal spectacle" with other groups of their format are a recurring highlight in the harem singer calendar.

The Hessischer Rundfunk has also thrown its eyes and ears on the troupe, TV appearances with the ensemble singers are already part of the musical year several times.

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