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​ Are you a member of an acappella group and you are interested in performing at the So La La Contest?

Then apply now and here for the  Contest on April 27th, 2019:


The application phase ends on October 31, 2018

If you would like to be informed about future application starts, write us a short information to


Conditions of participation - in a nutshell


This short version of the conditions of participation does NOT replace the detailed version on our "Conditions of Participation" page, but is only intended to give you a quick overview of whether you are eligible as a participant in the So La La Contest.


Bands have to ...

  • from 1  - 9 singers exist (regardless of whether they are mixed or same-sex)

  • Offer music from the genres pop, rock, comedy, jazz, soul, barbershop (language doesn't matter)

  • perform with microphones and without instruments

  • Perform a 30 minute program


Bands get ...

  • € 350 expense allowance

  • the chance of a title

  • the chance to win competitive prizes (see page " Competition ")

  • the chance to appear as a headliner at the next So La La Contest

  • the chance of a wild card to participate in the next "Vocal Champs" contest in Sendenhorst

  • free meals

  • Afterglow with free food

  • a professional performance environment with high-quality technology and a location with many hundreds of spectators

  • Possibility to sell CDs and merchandising items

  • Presence in the festival media (homepage, Facebook, program booklet)

  • Presence in the regional media

  • no accommodation or travel costs, but placement of host families or hotel accommodation


For more information and detailed descriptions of these points, please read the complete conditions of participation !

Further questions? Mail to

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