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Since the end of 2013 they have been traveling under the name “baff!”: Maj Hansen (Lübeck), Lilly Ketelsen (Leipzig), Jonathan Mummert (Leipzig) and - since the beginning of 2019 - Maximilian Kleinert (Berlin). The four vocal artists are now delighting their audiences all over Germany and bring a wide variety of genres to the stage with their mouth-made music.


Roaring dubstep bass meets almost classical tones, thoughtful texts meet musical dreamscapes and gentle ballads meet swinging jazz. With musical precision and sensitivity in the singing as well as with ease and joy in interacting with the audience, the four singers skilfully lead through the evening, which thanks to their varied songs and original arrangements of well-known songs never gets boring.

After two CD productions, several stage programs and numerous coaching sessions (including with Felix Prowroslo, Lukas Teske and Patrick Oliver), the four music students continue to develop, are now firmly anchored in the a-cappella world and have already convinced with their talent some competitions: At the a cappella competition “ScalaVokal” in Ludwigsburg 2016, at the baff! received 1st place in the jury rating, as well as at the “Konstanzer Chorfestival” and at the Solingen A-Cappella Festival “Solala”, where they each won the audience award. With these successes and many fans behind you, you will be amazed! travel through the republic again in 2019 and fill the concert halls with new ideas and exciting music.

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