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African vocals

The African Vocals, an a cappella band from Swakopmund in Namibia, will open their third tour of Germany after 2014 and 2017 with the Solala Festival. The band now consists of ten singers  between the ages of 21 and 28, most of whom come from Mondesa, the township in Swakopmund - eight of them will take part in the Germany tour. Everyone discovered their passion and talent for music in school, church and youth choirs, and in 2012 the "African Vocals" were founded as a male a cappella band - a cappella because they couldn't afford any instruments, but absolutely wanted to live their passion for music.

Djembé is used for some traditional songs.


Since its inception, the group has committed itself to two goals with their music:
First of all, they want to be ambassadors for authentic Namibian culture, music and traditions, and convey a positive and hopeful image of Africa with their music full of African joie de vivre and spirituality. But they also want to be a role model for children and young people with similar difficult and disadvantaged backgrounds by giving them hope, inspiration and encouragement to have a dream and work hard for it. To this end, they get involved in social projects in Mondesa and always donate part of their tour income to them. 

Among other things, the African Vocals can book as musical successes:
- “Namibia Talentshow” 2016 - of 250 participants they were the only singing group to make it into the group of 5 finalists.
- Namibian Championships of the Performing Arts 2017 - here they won two gold medals in the open category and in the "World Songs" category

Through the previous concerts in Germany, the African Vocals have already built up a considerable fan base in Germany, which is eagerly awaiting the band's tour next year and in many cases takes over or supports the local organization in the venues.

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