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Welcome to the So la la A cappella festival

We present the a cappella stars of tomorrow - today!

The "So la la A-cappella-Festival" is a concert series that exclusively presents vocal bands.

And at the annual contest, which is unique in the region,

Solingen will become the a-cappella capitol for one night.

Take a look at our past events and look forward to the upcoming concerts and competitions!

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Always stay up to date with our news channel in Telegram.

Telegram is a messenger program (like WhatsApp). Simply download the app in the corresponding app store (or if you click on the banner on the right) and you will receive brief and concise information about the So la la Festival at irregular intervals.

There are small bits of information here, when they happen. And you have full control over whether you want to stick with it and whether a new message rings for you ...

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You can also download the app and the mini newsletter here:

News are also freely accessible to everyone on our Facebook page (no Facebook account required): 

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